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Want To Hire A Luxury Limousine Or Bus For A Very Exquisite Occasion?

Do you need a car rental or Limo Party Bus in Toronto that is full of luxury and prosperity? Then Layman Tour & Transport Inc is the right choice. Here, you can rent a luxury limousine for a special occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary, business meeting, Bus Toronto to New York, school bus and Airport Bus in Toronto. Layman Tour & Transport Inc is a reliable full-service passenger transportation company dedicated to providing high-quality service.  


Whether you simply want to visit a concert with friends or want to see or hear different artists in one night, with a Luxury Coach Rental in Toronto from Layman Tour & Transport Inc, you reach relaxed all your goals over punctual. Are you ready for the exclusive VIP service for your big event? We take care of the most elegant, impeccable and exclusive appearance and are proud of our luxury vehicles. Enjoy the first-class interior and the elegant exterior that makes our exquisite fleet unmatched. A class in itself, our chauffeurs and drivers are the finest professional drivers in the Toronto area and know how to bring you to your dream destination in style.


Our motto is always: "The customer is king and his wish is our command." We do not only change this motto every day, but we also have the ambition to provide unique and unforgettable memories with our service. This is why your friends, family and loved ones will never forget this special trip. If you want to learn more about our services, please visit Layman-transport.com.

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Top-Rated Charter Bus Rental Service

If you are going on a trip or a vacation with all your friends and family, or you need to Rent A Mini Bus in Toronto or charter bus transportation, Layman Tour & Transport Inc. is the most reliable and trustworthy company for Coach Bus Services Toronto. Charter Buses are an excellent choice to travel in groups, such as the group of teenagers, children, couples, families and older people. There is a huge global event going on currently in Montreal, Canada called Global Fund Replenishment Conference. The Prime Minister of Canada, Bill Gates along with the leaders of many countries attends it. And Layman Transport is honored to be selected as the supreme transportation provider for this event.

Layman Tour & Transport Inc. is one of the premier charter Bus Companies in Montreal Toronto and the leader that will give you the services in a better way. We are the premiere run transport service that provides facilities for rental charter bus transportation for various purposes, such as for field trips, city tour, airport shuttle, one-way transfer, long distance trip, sightseeing and all the events that take place out your house at nominal rates. Our company has a modern and diverse fleet of charter buses with luxurious interiors and comfortable seats for your comfort and convenience.

Our experienced drivers are dedicated to providing a personalized attention to each customer and take you from/to anywhere throughout North America. We also offer bus service for airport transfer, which will save your money, time and efforts. You can easily go through our website layman-transport.com to know more about the services offered by our company.

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Luxury Bus Rentals and Transportation Services

Luxury Bus Rentals and Transportation Services

Layman Tour & Transport Inc. - Charter Bus Company, we have the professionals you need to make your trip or Coach Bus Rental and the most competitive prices. Layman Tour & Transport Inc. provides shuttle service to the various points you organize your group, always with our professional team of operators who will be at your service at all times. We offer a full service of transport vans, charter buses, minibuses and luxury coaches available for transporting groups of people in Montreal.

Whether you want a sporty or luxurious feel, our Motor Coach Bus Rental cover all the bases. Versatile, spacious and durable, renting an SUV is ready for anything - mountains or the beach! If you want travel to be easy once again try our new airport car rental in Montreal. Our location near the airport in Montreal, allows us to either pick up at the airport or leave your Montreal airport rental car when you get off the plane.

Our company has an excellent organization among the members that form, since the motorists who specialize with routes to head of logistics, who are responsible for ensuring that services are successfully carried out. We have the experience to provide you with quality service, taking into account the safety, liability and comfort of our passengers deserve. Our services include unit, uniformed driver and fuel for the entire journey. The commitment is to work together to meet the expectations of our customers.